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"Your fragility is also your strength.” 


         Pina Bausch.

“I abandon myself to the fever of dreams, in search for new laws."


                 Antonin Artaud.

Julia Fournier is a Spaniard multitask award-winning artist of extraordinary ability. She received her education in Madrid, Spain, graduating from the Royal Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Madrid with a degree in Physical Theater. She domains Jacques Lecoq and Michael Chekhov techniques.

Her onstage performances include plays such as LocalWrites by Local Theater Company in Boulder, Colorado, Refuge by Curious Theater working with puppets and  The Luster of Lost Things by Public Works Theater. She has participated in the collective creation of OLD by Cachaba Theater Company working Commedia del Arte, Masks and Mime and Pantomime. En Un Lindo Bazar and Dulce Fan Fan by Tiliti Theater Company doing theater for babies and puppets. Fatum where she worked Greek Tragedy and Bouffons. 


Her on screen performances have included different TV Series in Spain such as Tell Me How It Happened, Aída, El Comisario and The Boarding School. She has also appeared in the Webseries Mile High Chronicles produced by WebTV Productions LLC in Denver, Colorado. She has participated in made for TV Movies such as Masala, El Asesino Dentro Del Círculo and La Ultima Guardia. She has performed in different short-films as Epiphanie directed by Victor Bárcena, The Light Thief directed by Eva Daoud, Requiem Lost directed by Stephan Mitchell and The H.T. directed by Justin Bauer. She has been the lead in the music video Coalition directed by Jamon Tolbert. She is currently working with Big Fish Talent Agency in Colorado in several productions.


She has directed and produced the short-film Fleur de Lis which was presented to Notodofilmfest in Spain. She is recipient of several awards, best supporting actress and best acting ensemble for  her role in The Light Thief and  Best Theater production for OLD.

"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life."

                                          Federico Fellini.

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